District Update | July 25, 2013

District Update | July 25, 2013

Dear Friends,

Mention to an out-of-towner that you live in Southern California and a few topics  inevitably come up in conversation: movie stars, surfing, sunshine in February…and traffic. The intersection of the 57 and 60 freeways in Diamond Bar is one of the worst in the state, with congestion lasting six to seven hours.

This bumper-to-bumper traffic isn’t just an inconvenience for motorists trying to make it home for dinner with their families, but also represents $38 million in lost productivity to the economy. This stretch of highway is a critical component of the area’s expansive good movement system and also has the highest volume of truck traffic in all of Southern California, averaging over 25,000 trucks per day.

Resolving the congestion at the 57/60 intersection is a top priority. That’s why at the end of May, I brought the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Bill Shuster, to California to see the Confluence first hand. I have also signed a bipartisan letter of support for a $20 million competitive grant from the Transportation Infrastructure Generating Economic Recovery Program (TIGER) for the 57/60 Confluence Project.

Most recently, I have reached out to the Department of Transportation to set up a meeting with the new Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, to discuss the Confluence, the TIGER grant and the inclusion of this segment of freeway in the Primary Freight Network.

Alleviating the gridlock at this intersection will allow truck and commercial traffic to move through the area more efficiently. It will also mean less time wasted by drivers as they sit, stuck in their cars, on roads that look more like parking lots than highways. It’s time we invest in projects that update our outdated infrastructure while directly benefiting residents’ quality of life.


Representative Ed Royce

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